Friday, January 27, 2012

Chapter 4


Perhaps the most flattering decade for women. The lines are close to the body, giving emphasis to the most beautiful parts of a female body, chest, waist and hips. Apart from haute couture creations, the daily outfit is becoming more comfortable and easy. Skirt's length starts below the knee and ends in the middle of the shank. The most famous colours for this decade are: pastels, black & white, polka dots and floral. In 1957, fashion has a new line, famous as "bag" which Yves Saint Laurent launches when he was working for Dior. Shoulders are loose, dominated the "bateau" neckline which is combined with weird geometric hats. In 1958, the line changed again, and the figure is trapezium. The sleeves are up to the elbow and the shoulders are baggy. The stiletto heel is established and Dupont discovers the fabric Lycra, making the women's underwear evolution. 
Here in Greece, Dimis Kritsas opens his studio giving a touch of French elegance (he had studied fashion in Paris) and later came to the light Giannis Tsopanellis and Filimonas.   

Dresses in "A" line, strapless for evening looks, klos skirts, sleeveless sweaters suited with jackets in the same colour. Dresses which have the shirts' line, coats with belts and also shorts. 

Big or small chic bags, scarves on the head, necklaces made by pearls and "butterfly" sunglasses. The gloves are a necessary accessory which suited with the shoes and the dresses or suits for a very strict outfit. Belts at the waist, chic high-heel sandals or spiky high-heels. Velvet hats.


MAKE-UP. Intense eyebrows in arc shape, eye-liner and mascara. The lipsticks are in red and orange colour. The make-up is in natural colour and the rouge is in light pink. Purple mascara, blue eye-liner and ice blue/silver or green eye shadow were some of the combinations that were existed.

Women change their hair colour and the most famous tone is blonde. The hairdos were in vague, in "banana" bun or in chignon bun on the top of the head.

Hubert de Givenchy, Louis Féraud, Valentino.

Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Anita Ekberg, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Evita, Audrey Hepburn, Kim Novak, Natalie Wood, Έλλη Λαμπέτη, Μελίνα Μερκούρη.

Brigitte Bardot

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Melina Merkouri

1) I want to tell you that this is my favourite decade. Apart from the clothes which were amazing with gorgeous details, the women who became famous in this decade were the most beautiful, chic, stylish, increadible and unique in personality women that I know!  I wish I had the chance to live just a little the way these women lived and feel the sense of their elegance. I believe that no one can replace these amazing women...never!!

2) I'm so sorry for choosing only 4 of these perfect women to my post...they are too many and it was really difficult to include all of them in this post. Maybe, one day I will make a post only for these women, giving you more details from their life. 
Love u 


Claire D. T said...

Είναι ένα υπέροχο αντιπροσωπευτικό δείγμα οι γυναίκες που διάλεξες!! Η Elizabeth Taylor είναι η αγαπημένη μου :)

La Mode Operandi said...

Very cool! I like how thorough your posts are! Interesting information. The lines are so classic and elegant, I too would love to live in this era!

Fabliha said...

I have to agree with you. The fifties women were just so beautiful and so elegant and chic. Your blog is amazing by the way


Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

50's are Givenchy, and Givenchy is 50's.

This is an amazing post, loved reading it. Great job

Ida said...

I think the 50s might be by favourite dacade as well (I also like the 20s). The 50s seems so lovely!

cocobloggers said...

einai i agapimeni mou dekaetia ki emena...simfwnw...agapw toso poli ti simeio pou oles oi ypoloipes na min yparxoun gia mena...lovely post!!

a kiss from the

f*f said...

Apistefti douleia! Poli omorfo Blog! Se akoloutho :)
Plz follow me back if u want: :)

Marianne M. said...

polu wraia ftiagmeno post opws panta! sumfwnw me oti auth h dekaetia eixe apo tis pio omorfes gunaikes pote, opws kai rouxa vevaia.
anupomonw gia ta '60s

Styleflakes said...

polu omorfh dekaetia!!polu kalh idea na kaneis ena tetoio post!teleio!!!
polla filia! :)

Maria Garcia Pita said...

marilyn was just perfect :( i loved your blog, i hope that you can visit my new blog about art and fashion, and if you are interested to follow it i will be so glad :)

Preity Lama Tamang said...

Definitely 50s was the fashion era for women. Women were fashionably chic and sophisticated. Ur blog is filled with so much amazing inspirations and I lived ur previous post with the photos with amazing jewelry.

Silvia said...

My favourite is Brigitte!
nice blog:),if you want,follow me and I'll follow you too.


Silvia in FashionLand

Maria Garcia Pita said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment, and for the words :) of course i want follow your blog. The 50's were just perfect :)

Psycho Cat said...

Perfect, I love posts like this :)
Kisses :*

SNAP EM' - Ivan Trip said...

LOVELY! Soo much inspiration...

AmyBell said...

What a beautiful post, Marilyn Monroe's so unbelievably beautiful x

Juls said...

loving your blog ! Follow u know, hope u can follow me back xoxo

mini nuni said...

wao so many tips in this post. really nice blog with a nice and never heard name. take a look at my blog if you like it we can follow each other.xoxo

monica said...

i loved the feminine silouette of the 50s

Gogo Garantzioti said...

agapimeni dekaetia*ola to fashion icons ezisan ekeini tin epoxi kai einai stulistika polu zileuti*kisses koukla*

shoelazzo said...

Once again amazing post with my favorite decade :)
Have a wonderful day,

Erika said...

love love♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

My Free Choice

Christeen said...

Lovely blog :) I would love to see much of your post! I hope we could follow each other.

Let me know once you followed me in google friend connect and I will follow right back.


Kate V said...

Τα φορέματα αυτής της εποχής είναι πολύ θηλυκά! Πολύ ωραίο ποστ :D

Giveaway on my blog !

Kisses xx

Stylish By Nature said...

Gr8 blog :)....Wanna follow each other with GFC, Twitter and Facebook ?


Stylish By Nature said...

Thanx for following...Following back :)...Would be glad if we can connect at Bloglovin too

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Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

Melina Mercuri is the ultimate icon for many things: acting, culture, singing, fashion, literature. I feel so happy that i can see her image every day at Acropolis Metro Station.
Kisses and hugs!!
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

evaki z said... evriska ena forema san to mple sthn prwth fwto 8a to agoraza sigoura!!

Despina said...

Hmoun sigouri!! Polu romantiko mou kanei! Egw apo tis foto tha epelega me ta ola to palto stin teleutaia foto!

michaela said...

Συμφωνώ στο σχόλιο σου για τη Μελίνα Μερκούρη!Στην λίστα θα προσέθετα και την Audrey hepbrun αλλα κατα τ αλλα μου άρεσε πολύ το post σου :)
keep up the good work girl!

Anonymous said...

This was REALLY helpful doing research for a play. Thank you! :) Very well written and detailed.

Anonymous said...

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