Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chapter 1


After the end of the A' World War, women are becoming independent. It is the period of so-called flapper girls, who live intensely and provocatively. Women smoke, gain sexual freedom and now can vote. They read magazines like Vogue, The Queen, Gazette and Harper's. The corset is repealed, giving even more freedom, clothes have baggy lines and for first time legs are revealed. Knitted swimwear is now acceptable attire for the beach and established by the Australian swimmer Anette Kellerman. In 1921, Chanel launched the famous Chanel No 5. Clothes' silhouette is loose with a belt at the waist.  In 1925 the line rises to the knee and for the first time after two years above the knee. The dresses are embroidered, have fringes and the fabrics usually are airy and transparent. The coats are heavy and they are worn around the body like a kimono. Sleeveless blouse, deep neckline and for first time sweaters come to fashion world. The skirts have tucks and they are decorated with bows, flowers and beads and later with geometric designs.


The fur is a favourite accessory, while Benito is becoming known for his furs of ermine in a tube shape. The stockings are made of silk on skin tones. The shoes which have a toggle in the ankle, are comfortable for easier dancing movements. The cigarette and long pipes are used widely, even by women. The pearls are women best friend, and Klos hats fit perfectly on the head, going down to the level of eyebrows, showing the short haircuts.


Make up. Eye shadows are in dark colours, like black and grey, just like lips, which are in purple and burgundy.

Hair. Short haircuts, known as «a la garçonne», with bangs, while hairdo is with straight hair or wavy.


Coco Chanel. She started as a hat designer and later she became a fashion icon elevating the feminine elegance. The camellia, her favourite flower, and the pearls are now symbols of fashion. Chanel creates the suits and the famous “little black dress”: a simple small dress which reaches the knees, has a round neckline and long sleeves. Her clothes’ sense of freedom and convenience made her the most adorable woman but also established her one of the most important designer in fashion world.

Other designers who influenced the decade:

Anita Loos, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Marion Morehouse, Josephine Baker, Kiki de Montparnasse, Nancy Cunard, Coco Chanel.

This is my first post for 2012. It is a new idea that I wanted to make it from the beginning of the new year...I want to present you how was the fashion in every decade. I just hope to love this my search I learned a lot of things which are really important in my fashion knowledge! So I wish that this decision will be useful to you. Enjoy it!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Dreams!
Happy New Experiences!
Happy New Life!


Marianne M. said...

Ax uperoxo to post sou, apo ta pio omorfa post pou exw diavasei, nomizw oti h idea einai polu kalh, an kaneis k alla post gia tis epomenous dekaeties meta to '20, egw proswpika tha ta diavasw kai me megalh euxaristhsh malista.
polu wraia idea kai oxi mono auto alla mathainoume k polla.
mpravo despoina mou.
tetoia post axizoun!

molis anevasa to kainourio mou post k tha hthela na tou rixeis mia matia giati nomizw axizei, einai gia thn diaforetikothta tou kathe atomou, gia to pws oi ateleies mas mporoun na mas kanoun pragmatika ksexwristous,monadikous kai omorfous. to epomeno mou post (erxetai suntoma) tha einai gia thn omorfia tou gunaikeiou swmatos me kampules kai gia to pws ksexasame na ektimame tis kampules san stoixeio omorfias.
elpizw kai to diko m post na axizei mia matia.

Erika said...

beautiful, Happy New Year sweety!

My Free Choice

shoelazzo said...

Very beautiful and interesting post. Your idea is great and I'm already anticipating for the 30's.
Kisses and wishes for a wonderful year ahead


Love this post!!
Happy new year!

Claire D. T said...

Υπέροχο ποστ γλυκιά μου!! Καλή χρονιά κιόλας ♥
Μου άρεσε η όλη ιδέα οπότε αν γράψεις και για άλλες δεκαετίες θα χαρώ πολύ να τα διαβάσω! Άλλωστε κάθε εποχή είχε τα ωραία της τόσο στην μόδα όσο και στην ομορφιά..

emma said...

bravo koritsaki mou! ante morfwse mas ligo gt den..xaxa love your post looking forward for your next one as always!! filia

JeanneS said...

I truly did enjoy this post, informative yet classy and fabulous! Ill have to agree with.. well everybody who commented! And we are looking forward to the next decade girl ;)

Gogo Garantzioti said...

happy new year sweetheart!to latrepsa to post sou!agapw dekaetia tou '20 kai eidika Coco Chanel.exw kanei kai egw polles ergasies sti sxoli mou gia auti tin dekaetia kai tin agapw idiaitera**great post*
euxaristw gia to omorfo comment sou koukla!to jacket to pira tis perasmenes ekptwseis apo Bershka 12 euro!!!to agapw kai egw giati to foraw me ta panta!lot of kisses**

Dena said...

Such a greeeeeeeeeat idea!Poly wraia pou ksekinises tetoia post kai tha mathoume tosa pragmata pou den kserame!Thank you thank you!

Style LimeLight

Stylissimo said...

This is perfect and wonderful post
May I translate and post on my blog?

U have nice manner to write I read this long post in one sight

Flor Y. said...

nice! can't wait for the next one!

MarieAntoinette said...

so inspiring ♥

Stylissimo said...

Thank you for permission

Anonymous said...

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