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Chapter 2



Fashion meets cinema and Hollywood and, as a result, it creates symbols of elegance while women want to be constantly brilliant like their favourite actresses. The silhouette is spindly, with accented waist and intense shoulder. The dresses are cut obliquely (so-called "bias-cut"), covering the shank but leaving all the back, uncovered. Hats and gloves are essential pieces of the female wardrobe. The pants and shorts became acceptable as beachwear. In 1933, Hermès, launched its first silk scarf. The tan skin became a mania, the swimsuit with an open back is famous and the sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. The domination of white colour and satin fabric, is an example of this season. 

Long dresses are cut obliquely, with uncovered the back part of the body, with square tucks. The neckline is sometimes drapé, sometimes deep V and other times ends with a bow. The blazers are characterized by square lines and details on collars. The suits are mainly with blazers which emphasize the waist and skirts which fit the hips tightly. The coats have fur collars, while the cabardine is coming back again. The shirts have ruffled and inflatable sleeves. The sweaters hug the body and have prints inspired by graphic and ArtDeco. The pants are baggy with buttons on the right and left side, while the shorts are combined with white ankle socks. 

Clutch bags or small purses and furry scarves. Klos hats, béret, hats with wide brim and turbans. Gloves, small round sunglasses, pins and a combination of real and faux jewels. High-heels, ballarinas, sandals and for first time, wedges. 

MAKE-UP. Slim eyebrows, faux eyelashes and red nails. Revlon and Germaine Monteil launched the first cosmetics. 

HAIR. Platinum blonde, very short bangs and wavy hair. 

Elsa Schiaparelli. Her collection marked the decade. Weird and full of creativity, inspired by Surrealism and Cubism. Salvador Dali is her good friend and together create the famous dress with the lobster. Her hats are shaped shoes, and the buttons shaped animals. Her favourite colour is pink-purple, so-called "shocking", which became the name of a perfume. 

Other designers who influenced the decade are: 

Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Constance Bennet, Joan Crawford, Wallis Simpson, Vivien Leigh, Ginger Rogers, Jean Harlow, Amelia Earhart, Leni Riefenstahl, Bette Davis, Dolores Del Rio.

 Vivien Leigh (1913-1967)

Starring at: Things are looking up(1934-her first film), Storm in a Teacup(1937), Gone with the wind(1939), The Hamilton Woman(1941), Caesar and Cleopatra(1945), The deep blue sea(1955), Ship of fools(1965-her last film) ....  etc.


Beauty Follower said...

Πολυ κομψη δεκαετία!

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Veronica P. said...

timeless beauty and style !

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

very interesting writing, great post, love old -fashion!

Ida said...

I'm taking a stylist course and fashion history is a part of it, so I found this posts very intresting :)

Sophie said...

Really love this post, I've never really looked too much into the history of fashion but now I think I should :)

Anonymous said...

Love the post! So sophisticated :)

cocobloggers said...

great post...such a fascinating era!!!

a kiss from the

monica said...

i adore the 30s! so glamourous<3

ifigenia said...

you have an award!

Naina said...

Ah the past was so much more beautiful.

Elpi Chan said...

I <3 30's

Tell me your opinion in my last post...

just tututiny said...

Great photos ;)

Have a great weekend!

Marianne M. said...

To perimena oso tipota allo to sugkekrimeno post mias kai m aresei polu na diavazw endiaferonta stoixeia gia thn kathe dekaetia, h dekaetia twn 30 einai pragmatika mia apo tis pio glamorous dekaeties, me toses panemorfes gunaikes kai tosa omorfa style.
Oi Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Amelia Earhart, Bette Davis einai apo tis pio omorfes gunaikes pou perasan pote apo thn showbusiness, den uparxoun pia gunaikes san autes. duskola oi shmerines mporoun na sunagwnistoun thn saghnh kai thn gohteia autwn thn gunaikwn.
twra pou lew saghnh kai gohteia, prepei na kanw k egw ena post gia autes tis thrulikes gunaikes sto blog mou.
vevaia twra eimai se fash pou anapolw to kalokairi gia auto k to teleutaio m post einai mesa ston hlio kai sto kalokairino pneuma.
ax kai na mhn htan toso mountos o kairos.
filia polla,
perimenw me anupomonhsia k ta epomena sou post

Kristen Leotsakou said...

the 30's was such an elegant era in fashion! <3


Elpi Chan said...

Uperoxo sxoleio....
Agapw 30s..!!
Ennoeitai oti eimai follower s...

Vres me kai sto fb Ελπιδα Καρασαββιδου addare me..!!!!

Joanna K. said...

diaavaza ena arthro prosfata g aytes ts dekaeties k tin ierotelestia p itan g ts ginaikes n ntinontai k n peripoiountai tn eayto tous k distixos ayto dn ginete pia..tha m arese n vlepo pio kalontimenes k peripiimenes gineks arxika gia tn eyato tous k mena g tous allous..too bad those times are gone

cecilie andrea torp said...

awesome post! i love the 30s!

Stylissimo said...

I loooooooooove these posts
I will start translating first today :)

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