Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Watching the inside

I love this small with black details Chanel transparent bag ..although it costs a fortune it has already become a trend from streetstyle fashionistas. Here are some examples of different PVC bags. While searching on the net I found some great DIY ideas of transparent bags. I think in Summer these bags will be the must-have piece, so take a look from now...

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Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav said...

Chanels are awesome!
Although there is not in your list, I also like the transparent hermes birkin,
P.S. New post on our blog

Fashion Reactor said...

Love them!!! I am thinkin about makia one on my own! If so, I'd definitely make a DIY post too

Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

Bessana Blue said...

Transparent, oh how much I love that! <3 Great post, reminded me of them :>

followed you on instagram @bessanablue ;)

I'd love to hear your opinion about my newest post, dear :>

Love, B

Ana said...

Love these bags, i agree with you it's gonna be a must

Ona Garriga said...

I really like them! nice post! kisses! ^^


MARTA said...

This transparent bags have a je ne sais quoi touch... Love them!

Sofies closet said...

I love transparent bags. I have a transparent make-up clutch, which is really smart :D

Aubrey and Melissa said...

Love these bags!

moustachic said...

its prettyyyyyy


Nonchalant Rebel said...

love the transparent bags!!

xx Mounia

dsfashion said...

se euxaristw polu gia to sxolio sou sto blog mou!teleio post!oles oi tsantes einai uperoxes!

evi mili said...

it's really must have!
love them!
thanks for you comment on my blog!

Sorana Nistor said...

i love this kind of bags!
maybe you would like to follow each other?


La Tiquismiquis said...

i would die to have the prada one. it is sooo beautiful! <3

Margaret Cruzemark said...

Transparency is going to be an uber spring summer trend, so yes, i will take the risk!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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