Monday, November 19, 2012

Dreaming Rasberries..

Well, it's not brown and it's not is something mixed..and I could only characterized it amazing! My precious Chanel, Chloe, Galliano, Haider Ackerman...were the reason for this! Seriously you don't know how much I love this colour..for one reason, I have already bought countless of pieces in burgundy and I keep going.. Pooouf..I love this Winter's fashion! I will never stop telling it! Hope you like this gorgeous colour! Kisses fashionistas



Eleni said...

i love that color.. especially for fall & winter :) xx

Inês Prates said...

I love this color! It's warm and gorgeous! xx

Olie said...

Hey Girl!
Oreo post! :)
Perna an 9eleis 1 volta + to blog m gia na paralaveis to vraveio sou!!!

xo xo

Mary said...

Hi lovely,
great selection of pictures!
Love them!!
If sometimes you can not resist the temptation to eat some sweets, take a look at my latest post :)
Fashion tea at 5

MARTA said...

I haven't fallen for oxblood, but with this kind of inspo ims ure ill fall for it pretty soon!

Arden said...

beautiful, the absolute color of the season. xx


love love love this color!nice selection!

Issa Tchieu said...

The berry colors maybe? Perfect color update for Fall. Some beautiful pieces here.

betty passia said...

great post,beautiful photos,i love this amazing colour!!thank you for your comment dear!xxx

Fwteini Princessofbeautyland said...

λατρευω αυτα τα χρωματα!!! ωραιο ποστ :)

M said...

burgundy is the PERFECT COLOUR. goes with anything! i NEED a burgundy blazer:)
Epiphany in Swansea blog

C. and S. said...

Beautiful photos and "gorgeous" colour!!!

I'm your follower on GFC (290).
Hope you'll do the same!


Dahye said...

Great post!! Seriously, this color is EVERYWHERE, but I love it. Perfect color for the fall/winter.

Milex said...


M said...

Hello! yes we can follow each other :)
im following you on bloglovin now!
follow back?

Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on

We love this colour!
One of our faves for thw]e winter!
Would you like to follow us via bloglovin?

Fashion Reactor said...

The legend of burgundy!!! I love this colours fro winter

Eirini from

Denisa said...

For me is burgundy one of my favorites colors.

samecookiesdifferent said...

love this burgundy/purple look dear
x the cookies

Beauty Follower said...

Το τελειο χειμερινο χρωμα!

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