Sunday, August 19, 2012

Military spirit

  t-shirt: my bf's, necklace: H&M

I'm so excited!!! I just love this trend! The military green color is amazing..and the army clothes are perfect! Well, I am against war and surely in favor of peace...but apart from that this latest trend is absolutely the best!! Hope you like it, girls! kisses



circleofchaos said...

Nice blog.^^
Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc???
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ms fashion street said...

this is an amazing trend!love your choices!

sorayawaldorf said...

Gorgeous stuff. I love these clothes. Please have a look of my blog and if you like it, we could follow each other.


Miss Westenra said...

Hell yeah! I love military jackets! ♥

Elegantesque said...

Nice inspiration, perfect jacket !

btw, wanna follow each other bloglovin and gfc ?



Elegantesque Blog

Larissa said...

Totally loving it.
From hats to heels

Lian G. said...

Looove those jacket!!

Love Lian -

emma said...

absolutely loove it..k emeis kopsame k ftia3ame ena stratiotiko t shirt k t kaname kati san tirantaki tr pou htn k h lilou edw! dn 3erw an einai h apoluth epituxia :P teleio post and in love with the trend filiaaa

Ionela said...

I love your blog! This post is awesome!
Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
Where are you from?

XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

love those jackets! followed you, hope you can follow back!

Mia's Little Corner said...

Great inspiration!!! <3


Mia's Little Corner

Ionela said...

Sure! I'm following you! Now it is your turn!

Margarida said...

Great inspirational post and blog, I'm already following you! Hope you follow me back, xx

my love list said...

Really inspiring pics and really liked how this outfit turned out! The tee goes lovely with the necklace. *

my love list

casper+pearl said...

amazing photos, i don't usually like this trend but it looks amazing on you!

lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
casper&pearl blog

le style child said...

i'm excited for more autumnal tones too! love it, so inspiring! x

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