Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Loulou de la Falaise

                         Loulou de la Falaise..Yves Saint Laurent's muse!!

Worked for Yves Saint Laurent as she was designing clothes,hats and jewelries for his collections. After Yves Saint Laurent's death she opened a boutique with the brand "Maison de Loulou". A so stylish woman full of creativity! RIP "Maison de Loulou"!!


Tina.. said...

Moy aresei poli to blog sou!!!Welcome!

Followed you back!


Anonymous said...

wow this is so pretty! love the photo

akiko said...

She's such an inspiration. Love this photo too! -akiko


Kate V said...

Απλά τη λατρεύω! Το στυλ της είναι τόσο διαχρονικό, τόσο σικάτο και ταυτόχρονα αποπνέει το γυναικείο δυναμισμό!

BTW Πολύ όμορφο blog :D

Shelly said...

I follow you on BL you are now 10. Follow me back :)

Noémie said...

She was really amazing! Great blog!
Wanna follow eachother? Let me know when you follow me and I follow back!

Noémie said...

Following you back dear!

Stories and Sequins said...

Such a stylish and chic woman!

Stories and Sequins

Clara Turbay said...

Love it all. Please take some time to check out

Chanel Tonè said...

This was a great post!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and for leaving that awesome comment! I absolutely love your site. I think that it's so much fun and I totally agree, we should definitely follow each other!!! Come follow the Style~ Spotlighted and I will be more than happy to quickly return the gesture. Can't wait to see you and hopefully soon ;)

Stay FABulous!

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

sweety I have followed you I really like your posts and the diverse content of your blog. Great!! I'd be happy to have you as my follower! :)

Ida said...

Like this post!
Yeah sure :) I'm following you on bloglovin now

Clara Turbay said...

Hi, my answer is yes now i follow you at bloglovin.


CheckMyFashion said...

stunning picture!!! she is so cool...awesome!! so in love with it!!

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Veronica said...

Your blog is so awesome!!Follow you, dear!!
Follow me back?)))


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